Firing bullied cashier for credit card fraud too much: Board

Safeway cashier was afraid of ex-daughter-in-law with stolen card numbers but disregard of company policy warranted discipline
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today

A tale of bullying and fraud

Can being bullied be an excuse for employee misconduct? Not in the case of one Alberta grocery store cashier, who violated her store’s policy on serving family members by looking after her troubled son’s ex-wife. She then violated another policy by allowing the woman to pay with credit card numbers without an actual card. After being warned about it, she served her ex-daughter-in-law again less than a week later.

When the numbers turned out to be stolen, the cashier admitted her misconduct but said she was afraid of her former in-law, who along with her son was a drug addict and abusive towards her. However, the store felt the incidents showed dishonesty on her part and fired her.