No parking for meter technician after fight

Parking authority fired worker after accidental stabbing with keys during scuffle
|Canadian Employment Law Today

This instalment of You Make the Call looks at a worker who was fired for stabbing a co-worker.

Efrain Rodriguez was a meter technician for the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA). Over a 20-year career, Rodriguez had one altercation in the workplace where he received a two-week suspension. He took an anger-management course and agreed if he used “abusive language or aggressive or threatening behaviour” over the following 15 months, he would be terminated.

Rodriguez passed the 15 months without incident. However, two months later, on Oct. 31, 2006, he arrived at work to discover the set of keys he needed for his job duties hadn’t been returned by the technician on the earlier shift due to two emergency calls. He radioed the technician several times and the technician was finally able to return the keys forty minutes later than usual.