Employee who left work early for hospital didn’t falsify time sheets on purpose: Arbitrator

Worker fell ill and left work without punching out; company didn't alert worker to discrepancy
|Canadian Employment Law Today

An Ontario company did not have cause to fire a worker who signed and submitted a false time sheet, an arbitrator has ruled.

The worker was employed as a dry sand assembler for Haley Industries, a manufacturer of magnesium and aluminum sand castings for the aerospace industry located in Haley, Ont. She had been with the company for four years when she reported for her shift on Feb. 27, 2008. She swiped an ID card in a reader which registered her start time, which the company required.

As she worked, she kept track of different tasks on a time sheet, another standard practice. About midway through the shift, she began experiencing severe abdominal pain. She tried to continue working, but the pain became too great and she told her supervisor she was going to the hospital. However, when she left she didn’t swipe her card in the reader to “clock out.” She returned to work the next day with a note from the hospital. After she left work, her supervisor recovered her time sheet and noticed she had marked eight hours when she had only worked four before she left for the hospital. She took the card to management, who agreed to give her time to correct the time sheet. However, the worker wasn’t told what was going on.