The BlackBerry dilemma: Paying for a ‘24/7’ work culture

The prevalence of personal electronic devices brings convenience to the workplace but also raises overtime issues if they’re used after hours
By Gwendoline Allison
|Canadian Employment Law Today

Accessibility can lead to extra hours

Most workers are able to stay in touch with their employer outside of the workplace, through the use of BlackBerrys or other technology that makes it simple to keep connected. However, it may be too easy as the temptation can be for an employee to do work remotely or the employer to make work-related requests electronically. If this happens, the employer runs the risk of being on the hook for compensation to the employee for the extra time.

Gwendoline Allison discusses why employers should be aware of the extent of BlackBerry and personal digital assistant use of employees and how they can guard against unexpected overtime expenses.

By Gwendoline Allison