Daycare worker can show tattoos: Court

Employer had blanket ban on tattoos so it didn’t have to decide what was appropriate, but court said banning all tattoos was prejudiced
||Last Updated: 06/11/2009

A Quebec day-care facility’s ban on visible tattoos for employees has been ruled discriminatory by the Quebec Superior Court.

Nadine Belisle, 35, was a day-care worker for CPE La Pirouette, a publicly funded day-care centre that looks after children from two months to five years old in Chicoutimi, Que. Belisle had a tattoo of a dragon on her right shoulder blade but had been forced to cover it up while at work because La Pirouette had a policy that prohibited employees from showing any tattoos. The policy didn’t allow for any tattoos to be visible, which meant any employee with one on her forearm or leg had to wear long-sleeve shirts or pants at all times, even in the summer. One of Belisle’s co-workers had to put a bandage on her ankle tattoo in order to wear a skirt or shorter pants to work.