Alberta releases workplace injury and fatality records

First province in Canada to release comprehensive injury records of employers
||Last Updated: 10/06/2010

The government of Alberta has launched a website listing workplace injury and fatality records for more than 140,000 employers insured by the province's Workers' Compensation Board (WCB).

Albertans can now see information about worksite injuries and fatalities involving employers in the province. Users can search by employer name, industry and location.

“Albertans have the right to know the injury record of who they are working for,” said Thomas Lukaszuk, Minister of Employment and Immigration. “We hope that making this information public will encourage employers to commit to even better health and safety performance.”

The release of these records is part of the Alberta government’s 10-point plan for achieving greater transparency and accountability for occupational health and safety in the province. The template for this information was released in August to give employers time to prepare.

The records include more information than that currently provided by any other jurisdiction in Canada.

Individuals can now see the following information for each employer:

•number of lost-time claims
•estimated number of employees
•lost-time claim rate
•number of fatalities
•if the employer holds a Certificate of Recognition
•industry and province-wide lost-time claim rates for comparison purposes.

The records can be found online at .

“We hope that shining a light on employer records will improve competitiveness,” said Lukaszuk. “A safe company is able to attract and retain talented workers, pay lower WCB premiums, and be more productive.”

For those without computer access, information is available by calling the Occupational Health and Safety Contact Centre at 1-866-415-8690 (or 780-415-8690 in the Edmonton area).

The initiative was originally announced in August.

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