Postal worker quits twice but still wants back

Canada Post employee walked out twice over disputes with management but said he still wanted to work for the corporation
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 07/27/2011

This instalment of You Make the Call involves a dispute over whether a postal worker quit his job or not.

Ephrem Eshetu started out as a part-time rural mail carrier for Canada Post before becoming a full-time carrier in Edmonton in August 2009. It didn’t take long for performance issues to pop up and Canada Post received several customer complaints related to mail that had been sorted poorly. Eshetu was given three warning notices.

On Dec. 21, 2009, during the holiday rush, Eshetu didn’t sort all his mail. When his supervisor brought this to Eshetu’s attention, Eshetu replied that there was too much mail and not all of it could be delivered. When his supervisor told him that wasn’t his call to make, he said he would sort the mail but management could deliver it. He was told the comment wasn’t acceptable and Eshetu told the supervisor that he quit.