Employee fired for refusing more hours after mat leave

Extra shift was added to job during employee's leave
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 09/07/2011

An Ontario worker who refused to start working Saturdays when she came back from parental leave was forced to quit, the Ontario Labour Relations Board has ruled.

Sasha de Moel was an administrative assistant to the owner of Niagara Granite & Marble, a seller and installer of marble and granite countertops based in St. Catherines, Ont. Hired in August 2008, she worked full days from Monday to Friday.

Seven months after she started working for Niagara Granite — on March 14, 2009 — de Moel went on maternity leave with an expected return date one year later. While she was on leave, business improved on the weekends, leading Niagara Granite to increase its hours on Saturdays.