Workers compensated for car accident injuries on way to job

Accident happened on public road but vehicle was provided by employer
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 10/19/2011

Seven New Brunswick workers who were in an automobile accident on the way to a remote worksite are entitled to compensation for their injuries, the New Brunswick Court of Appeal has ruled.

Dennis Duguay, Florent McGraw, Paul Emile Robichaud, Aldério Rousselle, Billy Joe Rousselle, Jacques Roussel and Marc Rousselle worked for VSL Canada, a manufacturer and installer of concrete reinforcing steel based in Saint John, N.B. The seven employees were assigned to a wind farm project in a remote part of northern New Brunswick that required travel over a provincial highway used mainly by resource extraction companies. VSL provided a rented all-wheel drive vehicle to transport the workers and their tools, along with a driver. VSL didn’t require its workers to travel to the job site in the vehicle, but they were expected to for logistics purposes due to the distance and poor quality of some of the roads to get there.

However, the weather was snowy and the road was slippery and the vehicle slid off the road. All seven men were injured in the accident and filed workers’ compensation claims. VSL indicated the accident didn’t occur at the job site but rather on the way on a public highway.