Employment severed, but who held the knife?

Employee raised subject of layoffs and severence but claimed manager wanted to fire her
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 04/26/2012

This instalment of You Make the Call features an employee who said she was fired but the employer said she quit.

Corrine Trottier was the health director for Duncan’s First Nation (DFN), a community in northern Alberta. Trottier managed DFN’s health centre and provided health services to the community.

Trottier got along well with DFN’s chief but had a difficult relationship with the band manager from the time she started the job in May 2009. Trottier was aggressive in planning and the band manager complained that she wasn’t following instructions and “everything has to happen your way.” She received a letter in November 2009 about unprofessional conduct following a mixup over use of the medical van, which she saw as disciplinary and made her feel as if the band manager was looking to fire her.