Workplace bullying: A clear and present danger

Bullying can be a costly menace to employers in many ways
By David Whitten
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 02/08/2012

Taking no bull from bullies

Employees who are abusive towards co-workers in the workplace, whether physically or psychologically, can be costly not only to the subjects of the abuse, but also to the employers. Productivity, workplace culture, reputation and the financial bottom line can all be affected if employees don’t feel safe at work. Distraction and emotional trauma can lead to getting less done, high amounts of leave or high turnover. And, as workplace violence and bullying awareness increases in courts and legislative bodies, employers can face legal liability for bullying as well.

Employment law expert David Whitten takes a look at workplace bullying and the importance of HR departments taking proactive action to nip it in the bud before and when it becomes a problem in the workplace.