Potty-mouthed maintenance worker hits the road

Worker yelled and swore at people in vehicle trying to avoid blocked highway
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 04/26/2012

An arbitrator has upheld the firing of an Ontario road worker who was rude and used foul language with the public.

Stan Eastman worked for TWD Roads Management, an Ontario company that provided road maintenance for municipalities across the province. Hired in 2005, his job was to maintain roads and assist in traffic operations when roads were closed for maintenance activities. He and his emergency response crew were also asked to assist police when accidents or other unexpected situations blocked highways.

Eastman had two instances of discipline over his first five years on the job, including one in November 2010 for using abusive language when dealing with a member of the public. Eastman was warned that failure to deal with the public in a professional manner could lead to future discipline “up to and including dismissal.”