Electrician zapped for safety violation

Didn't follow safety policy of locking up system before cutting wires
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 04/26/2012

This edition of You Make the Call features an electrical worker who didn’t follow proper safety lockdown procedure for his work.

Dominic Ierullo was an electrician for Alberici Construction in Burlington, Ont. Because its business involved equipment that could be hazardous, Alberici had specific safety guidelines for different types of work and equipment, which it provided to its employees.

In order to ensure the safety guidelines were followed, the company set out specific types of discipline for not following the guidelines according to the risk involved. For example, a failure to obey safety practices in circumstances that could “potentially cause death, serious injury or property damage” was considered a class one offence. Class one offences were further divided into three categories, and discipline was immediate termination, a three-day suspension or two days of retraining. The guidelines listed violating lock-out or tag-out procedures as a class one B offence.