Employee misrepresented qualifications on application

Is lying on the resume just cause for dismissal?
By Stuart Rudner
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 03/21/2012

Question: If an employer discovers, sometime after hiring, that an employee misled it on a job application, can that be just cause for immediate dismissal?

Answer: I am often asked what can be done about such “pre-employment dishonesty.” In 1987, the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench held, in the context of an employee’s dishonesty during the hiring process, as follows:

“In my opinion there was justification for the dismissal of the plaintiff for cause by the defendant corporation. The plaintiff fraudulently misstated his qualifications when negotiating his position and terms of employment with the defendant corporation. In addition, the plaintiff falsely stated that he held a secure and senior position of employment with the DeVry Institute.