No bonus for employees on notice? Better let them know

Employer expected executive to know about its policy but employee didn’t know it was posted on company intranet
By Tom Gorsky
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 03/20/2012

Managing communications with employees can present a challenge for employers, especially when a workforce can number in the thousands. Historically, reliance has been placed on individuals communicating workplace policies through meetings and in writing. However, this method of communication can be problematic and prone to error if an individual entrusted with the task fails to deliver. A workplace intranet, therefore, seems like an ideal solution to this problem. Able to reach thousands of employees with the click of a button, a workplace intranet can ensure communication is consistent and timely.

However, as one Ontario employer recently learned, there are perils to relying on technology without the human touch.

Mark Poole was a senior executive of lengthy service with Toronto-based home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool Canada. His employment was terminated on a without-cause basis after he refused a severance proposal made by his direct report.