‘I’m done’ not a resignation: Adjudicator

Employer wasn’t aware of medical note after employee said he couldn’t work because of stress
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 04/26/2012

A stressed-out employee who said he couldn’t handle his job anymore did not quit, an adjudicator has ruled.

Alan Storie was a driver for E.B.D. Enterprises, a transportation and freight services company based in Winnipeg. In 2009, Storie was involved in three accidents while driving for E.B.D. He was given a written warning because of the accidents.

Storie didn’t like the warning and quit his job. A few days later, he contacted E.B.D. and said he didn’t mean to quit, and his reaction was because of the extreme stress that he was under. He provided a medical note supporting his claim, and it also stated that he needed some time off to recharge.