RBC employee fired for assaulting manager

Denial and lack of remorse, despite witnesses to assault, added up to just cause
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 05/02/2012

A labour adjudicator has upheld the firing of an Ontario bank employee who physically assaulted her manager during an argument.

Mary Anne Downes was a part-time customer service representative (CSR) at a Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) branch in Windsor, Ont. She had worked at the branch since 2003 and had been an RBC employee since 1997.

In November 2009, a former co-worker of Downes’ became her branch manager. Downes wasn’t happy about this development as she had had issues with the co-worker while at the other branch. Upon taking charge, the manager was told by the outgoing manager that Downes was known to miss a lot of work and therefore was required to provide a doctor’s note if she was sick for three or more days.