Electronic pay statements

Legal considerations for replacing paper pay statements with electronic ones
By Brian Johnston
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 05/16/2012

Question: Are there specific legal considerations or liabilities a company should take into account when offering employees the option of an electronic pay statement?

Answer: Only a few provinces have legislated that employers can provide employees with an electronic pay statement (British Columbia, Ontario and P.E.I., all through their respective employment standards legislation). However, an informal poll indicates that most provinces will allow this practice. Manitoba’s Employment Standards website, for example, states that employers can issue electronic pay statements. The legislation permitting electronic pay statements does not require employers to have consent from their employees before issuing electronic statements but, as with any change in an employer practice, it may be prudent to seek such consent. Employers will still be required to provide written statements on request.

The biggest legal considerations for employers issuing electronic pay statements will be to ensure that the statements are confidential, accessible, and comprehensive.