Foreign worker must establish language ability

Insufficient language skills and no incentive to leave were reasonable justifications for visa officer to refuse work permit: Court
By Sergio Karas
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 09/05/2012

Speaking the same language

Foreign workers who are applying to work in Canada — and employers who are applying to have a worker come to Canada to work for them — have to prove a certain number of things before the worker will be allowed to take a job. The worker’s skills must be appropriate for the specific duties of the job, the worker must be able to speak functional English or French, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada must be confident the worker will return to his or her country when the work permit expires.

When an employer offers someone overseas a job in Canada and invests in an effort to bring her to Canada, it better make sure that candidate will meet the requirements for a work permit, or it might find that investment wasted.