Say what you mean in employment contracts

When it comes to the wording in employment contracts, the plain language meaning will likely prevail in court, regardless of the intentions
By Nikolay Chsherbinin
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 12/12/2012

A matter of wording

Written employment contracts are widely recommended for employers to have employees read and sign when they’re hired. Having written contracts can reduce the amount of headaches that could come later if one of the parties ends the employment relationship — whether it’s the employer dismissing the employee or the employee resigning.Having terms and conditions such as notice of termination and vacation entitlement set out in writing makes everything clear and difficult for anyone to contest later on.

However, the advantages of having a written employment contract could disappear if the language isn’t clear or says something different than what was intended. Employment lawyer Nikolay Chsherbinin explains what can happen if an employment contract’s language can be left open to interpretation.