Insolent resistance to training leads to firing

Canada Post letter carrier refused supervisor’s request to get up to speed on new technology
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 02/06/2013

A Canada Post employee’s dismissal for refusing instruction on a new piece of equipment has been upheld by an arbitrator.

Canada Post began phasing in hand-held scanning devices called portable data terminals (PDTs) in 2007. PDTs were used for several purposes both inside postal depots and on mail routes. If employees missed formal PDT training, they would be given peer training by another employee who was an expert on how to use PDTs. Peer training on all PDT functions generally took about 14 minutes to complete.

In late July 2010, Canada Post told employees at its Victoria, B.C., depot that mobile routes must use PDTs on the route and all letter carriers with mobile routes should obtain peer training on the use of PDTs. In addition, a 1.5 hour PDT training session was offered to staff on an overtime or extended hours basis.