Blowups at employee constituted dismissal

Asking employee back not good enough after rants and accusations of theft
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 02/20/2013

An Alberta company must pay a fired employee more than $25,000 for wrongful dismissal and poor treatment by a manager during the course of her dismissal, the Alberta Provincial Court has ruled.

Darlene Horyn, 50, was an evening manager for Waysave Family Foods, a neighbourhood grocery store in Edmonton. Her duties included cashing out and closing the store and supervising up to three employees on the shift. She was friends with the Fedoretz family who owned the store and had previously worked for them in a lounge before joining Waysave in 2003.

Horyn reported to the owners regularly, usually by telephone. Gradually, the original owner, Michael Fedoretz, stepped back from the business and his son, Howard, took over, with Horyn reporting to Howard.