Flight advisors fired, reinstated after abandoning posts

NAV Canada employees left on lunch breaks without backup following meeting about reduced staffing to cover breaks
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 05/15/2013

Flying blind

What is the bar for just cause for dismissal? This is a question employers have wrestled with endlessly. A common thread through much of Canadian employment law is that it’s usually difficult for an employer to show just cause. This can be true even in professions where a high level of trust and good judgment is required.

Employee of an organization such as NAV Canada have a lot of responsibility and trust placed in them to ensure the skies are as safe as they can be for air travellers. If an employee calls into question that trust and judgment, one might assume dismissal is warranted. But as is usually the case, one shouldn’t assume anything and the context of the circumstances could mean a different result.