Second chance wasted

Employee reinstated after false allegations, insults against executives – but his ‘apology’ fell short
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 02/05/2014

An Ontario employee deserved a second chance after getting fired for insolent behaviour towards his company’s executives but failed to live up to the terms of it, an arbitrator has ruled.

C. Boogerman was a counsellor for Community Living Meaford (CLM) in Meaford, Ont. He was hired in April 2004. In February 2011, the union took exception to documents and a related discrepancy regarding the Family Day holiday.

On Feb. 28, Boogerman sent an email to employees in his bargaining unit with an attached letter from the union representative to CLM’s manager of business and finance. Boogerman’s email called the finance manager a “devious, untrustworthy person” who needed to be fired. He also accused the finance manager of stealing, short-changing and underpaying employees.