CNR employee railroaded out of a job for harassment

Worker nearly hit co-workers with car then had a verbal altercation with them
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 02/19/2014

This instalment of You Make the Call features an employee who was fired after threatening and nearly running down co-workers.

Kevin Westwood was a heavy duty mechanic for the Canadian National Railway (CNR). On June 7, 2012, Westwood was driving to work along a CNR private access road that led to the facility where he was employed. He reached an intersection where he had to turn right on another private road towards the diesel shop and the employee parking area.

Two other CNR employees — a man and a woman — arrived at the intersection at the same time as Westwood, but they were on foot heading back to the shop after parking a locomotive. At the intersection — which had a stop sign — Westwood slowed down to turn right without stopping. At the same time, both co-workers were crossing the intersecting road and Westwood’s truck drove right in front of them. Westwood continued on to the parking area and parked his vehicle.