Did employee throw away his last chance?

Worker with history of disputes with management fired after argument with trainer
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 03/05/2014

This instalment of You Make the Call features an employee with a history of workplace disputes getting in trouble while on a last chance agreement.

Dan Widsten was a millwright for Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Corporation in British Columbia. His work was considered good, but over his 23 years of employment he had anger management issues. In 2009 and 2010, Widsten was suspended three times for misconduct involving supervisors. By the third suspension, the company felt it was necessary to draw up a “last chance letter.” The letter stipulated that “further incidents of inappropriate conduct with company management personnel will not occur” and required Widsten to take an anger management program.

In December 2010, Widsten was involved in another incident with a co-worker and it turned out he hadn’t been attending the anger management program regularly. He was suspended for six weeks and a more formal last chance agreement was drawn up where Widsten was required to complete the anger management program and provide proof of its completion. The agreement stated that “any further behavioural issues in the workplace will result in your termination.”