Employee sent packing after pre-planned trip while off sick

Worker made trip arrangements after using up his vacation time, then asked his doctor for note giving him time off for stress during trip dates
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 01/20/2015

Employees are generally allowed a certain number of sick days they can take off work due to illness, whether these days are paid or unpaid. Though it may seem inconvenient, sick leave can benefit employers as well as employees, as an employee who comes to work sick can have ramifications for the workplace.

However, there is often a concern that some employees might be abusing their sick leave entitlement and are actuallyplaying “hookey” from work. Many employers have attendance management programs to monitor employees who may be taking too many sick days and are suspected of abusing this privilege – which can cost employer money and productivity, not to mention the effort involved in covering for absences. If an employee is found to be lying about being sick – especially to the extent of manipulating a doctor to get the right note – the dishonesty it entails and the trouble it causes for the employer could be sufficient enough to provide cause for dismissal.