Stalking someone is bad – especially while on duty

Worker’s intimidation of woman while in company van on duty and attempts to cover it up were just cause for dismissal
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 04/01/2015

Employees who perform their job duties outside of the workplace usually have a high standard for conduct and employers must be able to trust them. Because they work outside of company property and often with little supervision, these employees have to be trusted to do their jobs on their own. There are ways to monitor employees through various technological means, but ultimately employers have to trust that the employees are being as productive as possible.

When employees outside the workplace are wearing company uniforms or driving company vehicles with logos, there’s an even greater responsibility on them to conduct themselves professionally. An employee misbehaving in public while sporting company logos can mean bad publicity and potentially lose customers. If an employee breaches the trust he has with the employer and threatens the employer’s public image, then it could be grounds for dismissal –especially if police are involved and the employee lies about it.