Worker flames out after slow response to emergency

Employer didn’t like delayed response by company firefighter with multiple instances of discipline over short period of employment
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 04/15/2015

Certain jobs require a high level of responsibility and therefore a high level of expectation that the employee will perform the job well. If the job is not done well, there could be more likelihood of just cause for dismissal. This doesn’t just apply to simple dismissal, but can also be a factor when looking at not just the misconduct itself, but the employee’s history of misconduct.

Sometimes, employees can be dismissed for cause even if their misconduct on its own wouldn’t normally provide just cause for dismissal, if they have a history of similar misconduct that shows they don’t seem to be getting the message. Previous discipline for misconduct on an employee’s record can elevate a single instance to a culminating incident that, combined with the past, provides just cause for dismissal. And if an employee is in a position with a high level of expectation and responsibility, it may not take too many instances of misconduct to lead to a culminating incident.