Colombia's human rights boss resigns amid harassment scandal

Alleged to have sent nude selfies to secretary
By Aba
||Last Updated: 01/28/2016

BOGOTA (AP) — Colombia's top human rights official is resigning amid a sexual harassment scandal that allegedly involved him sending nude selfies to his secretary.

The leaks of the photos and text messages supposedly sent by ombudsman Jorge Armando Otalara have caused an uproar among Colombians unaccustomed to seeing mostly male bosses pay for unwanted sexual advances.

Otalara said he was only guilty of falling in love and claims he was dating his former beauty queen secretary for more than a year. Secretary Astrid Cristancho has denied that.

Pressure for Otalara to resign his autonomous post had been building with activists saying the allegations alone had undermined his ability to effectively advocate for abuse victims.

Otalara resigned late Wednesday in a letter to Congress.

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