I showed up to work, where’s my parade?

How employers can legally motivate employees who are resolute in their unproductivity
By Sunira Chaudhri
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 07/06/2016

Most employers have had to deal with problem employees at one time or another. While they may feel it would be nice to get rid of such employees, it may sometimes feel like workers are so protected by employment legislation and dismissal can be so difficult without avoiding reasonable notice costs, it’s easier to just endure with these employees. However, there are some things employers can do within the law to coax better performances from poor workers.

Have you ever found yourself looking over at a fellow employee, wondering by what thread he has managed to hang on to his job? Perhaps it is his drinking during the workday, failure to meet deadlines, continuous smoke breaks or chronic tardiness that has left you gobsmacked.

I recently worked with an employer client who was convinced that it simply had to live with the "hand it was dealt" when discussing problem employees. Poppycock! There is much an employer can do to motivate even the most unenthusiastic employee.