Employer withholds wages from worker who stole from client

Employee charged with theft; employer docked part of amount from final paycheque
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 07/06/2016

This edition of You Make the Call features a worker who was accused of stealing money from a client.

The worker, Deven Pyke,was employed as a cleaner for Premiere Cleaning Solutions in the Halifax area. Hired in October 2013, Pyke worked for Premiere for just over two months until Jan.10, 2014, when a client for whom Pyke had cleaned complained it was missing $1,786. Pyke denied stealing the money, but he was subsequently charged with theft.

Premiere reimbursed the client the amount of money that was missing and, before Pyke made any plea or was subject to any court decision, terminated Pyke’s employment. The company also withheld a total of $896.56 from Pyke’s last paycheque that included wages, holiday pay, and vacation pay as part of the client’s reimbursement.