Dental office worker extracted from her job

Employee, bosses, throw shade at each other
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 03/06/2019

This instalment of You Make the Call features a dental office employee who claimed the dentists who employed her treated her poorly and fired her without cause.

Susan Rouse, 47, was an employee at a dental office in Lion’s Head, Ont., owned and operated by two dentist brothers, Thomas and David Drake. She was hired in January 2005 in a part-time capacity and gradually moved closer to full-time, working between 37 and 42 hours per week. She had no employment contract or job description and performed a variety of roles in the office including receptionist, cleaner, and dental assistant — though she had no training for the latter.

Rouse claimed she witnessed racist and abusive incidents perpetrated by the Drakes, such as leaving a First Nations customer bleeding and saying “He’s an Indian, they don’t deserve teeth,” shoving a First Nations girl into a dental chair and telling her to “shut up,” David Drake making a sexually-charged comment to her, and threatening to fire her if she reported anything she saw in the office. Rouse also said there were cameras set up all over the dental office, including her work area, that allowed the Drakes to conduct surveillance on all the staff.