Workplace harassment: The fight continues

Harassment still a problem, hurting employers’ ability to attract and retain talent; Increased vigilance and proactive measures are helping
By Laura Williams
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 04/03/2019

Even if we haven’t experienced the behaviour first-hand ourselves, most of us have heard stories about a colleague who was ‘tough’ to work with back in the day — maybe even a little unhinged.

They may recount stories of a manager from whom they would regularly receive verbal abuse, or even threats of termination. Maybe it was an irate co-worker who would threaten colleagues with violence from time to time, or another who took it upon herself to make ‘undesirable’ colleagues feel uncomfortable in the workplace just long enough that they’d eventually quit.

While it’s comforting to think of these as quaint anecdotes of a time gone by, examples of these types of behaviours are still common. Needless to say, organizations are struggling to quell harassment in all forms.