Harassment of female co-worker warrants firing of 3 male CN employees

‘Mobbing’ behaviour of 3 male workers at female co-worker on track maintenance crew beyond ‘boys will be boys’ justification: Arbitrator
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 04/03/2019

An arbitrator has upheld the firing of three male Canadian National Railway workers who harassed and bullied the lone female worker on their crew.

Carol Thomas was a track maintenance employee for Canadian National Railway Company (CN) in Saskatchewan. In May 2017, Thomas returned to work after being away on medical leave for nine months. She was assigned to a railway track crew that included track foreman Christian Hydemaka, assistant track foreman Michael Siebeneich, and machine operator Joel Hrycyk.

Soon after she joined the crew, Thomas was in a truck driven by Siebeneich on the way to a worksite. During the drive, Siebeneich was on his cellphone texting and using social media while expressing anger at his job and co-workers. Thomas was worried about him texting and driving, but was afraid to say anything to him because he was already angry.