The need for creed

Does veganism require accommodation? Recent human rights complaint and expanding definition of creed are putting more expectations on employers
By Laura Williams
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 09/11/2019
credit: Foxys Forest Manufacture/SHUTTERSTOCK


There are several grounds for discrimination that are protected under human rights legislation. Most people are familiar with several of them and what they mean. “Creed” is one that doesn’t come up as much, but it is protected and employers can’t legally discriminate against an employee’s creed — or set of beliefs and values. But what qualifies as someone’s creed to the extent that those beliefs are protected against discrimination? How far do employers have to go to respect those beliefs?

Every one of us has a personal identity shaped by a set of beliefs and values that defines who we are as individuals. For some, that might include their religion. For others, it could be a particular practice that guides their daily routines, career and lifestyle choices.